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About Bella

Bella Maisonet is a professional dancer, award winning choreographer, and stylist currently located in Philadelphia, PA. She is a bi-coastal artist who continues to spread her love for training to studios + conventions all over the country. Bella grew up in the convention scene learning + assisting some of the dance worlds most incredible artists. Once graduating she began her dream of traveling to New York to study Hiphop/Street Jazz, Contemporary + Jazz in the Professional Program at Broadway Dance Center where she now returns as an Alumni Choreographer to the program. Since the program it has became Bellas mission to keep a bright light on the training side of dance whether it be judging competitions across the country, hosting workshops, performing in Carnival events, or setting choreography for studios + dance companies between NYC and LA. In her free time, she is working on the evolution of her stylistic choices through brands under URBN. Bella wants to spread her love + joy with each soul she meets along her journey in hopes to inspire the next generation to show how much hard work, commitment, dedication, and love it takes to reach their dreams. To Bella, any art form is more than what you bring forward, but why.

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